What is the BX Energy Catalyst™?

The BX Energy Catalyst™ was designed to correct dysfunctional energy metabolism at the root cause of impairment. It is an energized non-toxic biomolecule created from pure crystalline fructose ensuring safe and side-effect free treatment.

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How does the BX Energy Catalyst™ work?

This highly diluted homeopathic compound elicits efficient fluorescent absorption of bioelectric toxins through accelerated photocatalytic oxidation. It demonstrates high antimicrobial action against stealth pathogens and several other causative agents of mitochondrial bioelectric deficiencies related to the metabolism of fuels.

When the Energy Catalyst™ comes in contact with stealth pathogens it catalytically facilitates the production of oxygen species. The significance and novelty of the biomolecule are its ability to trigger the release of peroxides from within the toxic structures that are impairing normal energy production.

This could be compared to a building or structure implosion. An engineer seeking to implode a high-rise tower, for instance, does so through the strategic placement of explosives from within the structure. Almost all standard bio-oxidative therapies attempt to produce their effects from far outside the structure of impairment, and consequently produce improvements systemically while lacking the ability to correct dysfunction at the level of impairment.

The BX is described as an “Energy Catalyst” due to its ability to interact in a manner specific to the intensity of the valence vibrational frequencies of the toxic structures that impair electron flow within the mitochondrial electron transport chain.

Because the photocatalytic activity of the BX Energy Catalyst™ is so high, we are able to rely on low concentrations of the biomolecule within the human body. In this sense, the solution based preparations could be viewed as homeopathic, with dilution factors exceeding 1/1012. However, it’s the ability of the substance to initiate oxidation dispersal within the toxic structures that allow the reaction to geometrically progress and spread from cell to cell. It can be equated to the relationship between a matchstick and a forest fire.

Simply put, the BX Energy Catalyst™ absorbs the vital energy of the toxic structures in a manner that yields tremendous antimicrobial action without bio-toxicity.

What is the BX Energy Catalyst™ composed of?

The BX Energy Catalyst™ is a highly diluted, non-toxic derivative of pure crystalline fructose, exposed to specific frequencies within a unique frequency chamber that creates a complex of specific energy signatures that bind with sub-quantum receptors within the fructose structure. Recent studies on the BX Energy Catalyst™ are attempting to understand how the frequency chamber specifically alters the electrostatic energy between the atom’s nucleus and the surrounding electronic charge density. You can read about those studies here.

Though it is not yet entirely understood, we believe that the frequency chamber may produce a fundamental change in the compound state or resonance. There appears to be a deep-seated structural change that occurs within the molecule as it donates electrons.

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Did you know?

How Mitochondria Impact How We Feel.

Recent studies have shown that mitochondrial blockages in one area of the body have a profound negative effect on the health of the entire body. Mitochondria release what are known as cytokines, or inflammatory signals, into the bloodstream when they are unable to do their job. Consider a bustling apartment building where the heat, light, and trash removal have been shut down. As we move towards health solutions that address causes rather than symptoms, mitochondrial health becomes an area researchers, care providers and health coaches can no longer afford to ignore.