Our web-based case management system incorporates intelligent analysis of each individual case. It is a system that acknowledges the complexity of interactions between data variables and increases the case managers effectiveness in accounting for the holistic needs of the patient.


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Delta’s Back Office Case Management System

The ultimate goal of Delta’s virtual back office case management system is to transform healthcare by analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating information and communication systems. This enhances individual health outcomes, improves patient care, and strengthens the case manager-patient relationship.

Reporting is comprehensive and covers:

  • blood work
  • vitals
  • signs and symptoms
  • psychology of health
  • exercise
  • activities of daily living

Data is collected daily through the entire program over a broad range of areas and contains statistical analysis capabilities far superior to data derived solely through clinical interactions with a patient.

The system also allows the medical team to understand the relationship between more than 500 data points. This correlative framework allows them to identify the connection between data such as blood pressure and pain rankings, or between white blood cell count and inflammation. Due to the extensive nature of our case management capabilities, Delta’s members experience high-tech support unlike anything else available.

Delta’s unique web-based medical culture is like a university without borders, where the patient and medical professionals collaborate in an effort to achieve meaningful, long-term health restoration. Delta is dedicated to the globalization of this platform.

Our Back Office uses high-end web-based applications to provide our patients with direct access to Delta’s clinical and administrative staffs. Because the delivery model includes a self-administration protocol, we place a heavy emphasis on empowering our patients, their families, and medical professionals through education. We want the patient to possess the knowledge to manage their case effectively, knowing that we are there to hold their hand from day to day.

Our platform provides the following features:

  • Patient record uploads
  • Daily reaction reporting
  • Daily medical review
  • Internal email system
  • Automated analysis of patient reporting
  • Mind for health reporting
  • Daily journal
  • Exercise and activities reporting
  • Live video feed with chat
  • Peer to peer video conferencing with VOIP
  • Daily webcasts
  • One on one conferencing

Because the outcomes experienced by Delta’s patients are so substantial, we understand that in order to serve a larger number of people, we need a delivery model that is capable of providing members a full service web-based health care system. Our virtual case managers are experts in Delta methodology and undergo a stringent credentialing process to guarantee that they possess the skills to effectively manage successful outcomes. We want our web-based patients to feel confident that they have access to our entire medical staff who contribute to this virtual medical culture through workshops, seminars, webcasts, and much more.