The Delta Institute International Health Restoration & Research Club offers two programs to their private club members. They are the Delta Home Program and a hybrid option which incorporates both the Delta Home Program and a stay at the Delta Member Retreat.

We believe our innovative approach to health restoration is the key to establishing complete health. Each program is cutting-edge and provides excellent combinations for a positive remedial outcome for the member.

Delta Home Program

Gaining autonomy in the midst of a medical culture dependent on patient acquiescence is one of the priceless benefits of club membership and Delta’s home-based treatment program. Some of the services available in this extensive program are self-administration, aggressive outcome-driven protocols, 24/7 monitoring and much more. Read more for information on all of the benefits of this program.

Delta Member Retreat

Set in an 110-acre beachfront rainforest, the Delta Member Retreat provides members a healthcare environment designed to reduce stress and enhance healing. While enjoying this profoundly beautiful location, members have exclusive access to treatment with Delta’s proprietary technologies developed at Delta Energy Labs™ as well as other supportive therapies. Members that choose treatment at Delta’s Wellness Retreat will enjoy a health restoration journey unlike anything else available.

After a stay at this serene retreat, members will transition to the Delta Home Program where they will complete their health restoration journey.

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