The Delta Institute International Health Restoration & Research Club’s home-based treatment program is designed to provide intensive and effective home-based support for those suffering from chronic degenerative diseases. Our goal is to put our private club members in the driver's seat on their road to recovery. It is our belief that a patient is their own best physician and is the most in tune with their symptoms, reactions, and changes.

Delta’s revolutionary home-based treatment allows for self-administration and self-health management combined with direct access to your Delta specialist through daily communication.

The Delta Home Program’s services include:

  • Self-administration & Member Advocates
  • Access to Delta’s state-of-the-art back office monitoring system
  • One on One Case Reviews (4 times weekly via webcast)
  • Delta Member Forum - Member to Member Networking
  • Aggressive outcome - driven protocols
  • Virtual Case Management
  • 24/7 Personalized Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Virtual Conference Calls and Q&A Opportunities
  • The Delta Health Restoration Diet
  • Member Training and Multi-Media Tutorials
  • Live Support Chat
  • One on One Member Orientation

This staff-guided, proactively driven treatment is intended to empower each member. Our elite team of efficient, compassionate, results-driven clinical affiliates and facilitators, medical and scientific experts from around the globe offer local support and home programs in numerous locations.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Recovery in the comfort of your own home
  2. Control and empowerment during the process
  3. Lessened exposure to other diseases, viruses and bacteria
  4. No wasted time
  5. Less stress surrounding travel to appointments
  6. Less time spent in offices for treatment
  7. Access to the member forum
  8. A dedicated and experienced patient advocate available to assist in your treatment
  9. Online resources

With the revolutionary Back Office Monitoring Center, your personalized health management documentation helps track and support each phase of your recovery and restoration process. It offers members monitoring with a personalized and private back office that offers 24/7 access to everything a member needs to be successful.

Back office monitoring center includes:

  • Graph Reactions
  • Contact affiliates
  • Communications with a Delta Case Manager Facilitator
  • Instructional videos
  • Helpful and current scientific developments
  • Answers to FAQ
  • Weekly webcasts

The Delta Institute’s out-of-the-box approach provides high member satisfaction. We continue to seek to improve our methodologies so all members are successful in the journey toward complete health restoration.

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