At The Delta Institute - Health Restoration & Research Club, we understand that serious chronic diseases affect all aspects of life. Our objective is to assist unhealthy club members in replenishing and restoring their bodies to full health via cutting-edge advancements, access to resources, and effective treatments. In order to accomplish our goals, we need your assistance. In this fast-paced medical world, Delta stands alone in its desire and willingness to be your “constant co-pilot” along your journey to recovery. That doesn’t mean we only look over your progress chart and a few tests once a month. As your “constant co-pilot”, we intend to be right by your side as you struggle, respond to treatment, feel pain, suffer, and regain strength and altitude.

Methods of Communication with Delta Institute

  1. Delta Back Office Club Member Virtual Monitoring System
  2. Webcasts
  3. Email directly or email via Back Office Reporting Tools
  4. Delta Club Member Forum

The alliance between member and club is central to achieving effective outcomes and transcends the traditional doctor-patient relationship. The club's philosophy recognizes that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift from paternalism or "doctor knows best" to the idea that patients recognize the limitations of the prevailing medical systems and are in hot pursuit of alternate avenues for effective treatment of chronic degenerative diseases. The foundation of the Delta Institute - Health Restoration & Research Club was built upon the outcome driven confidence of club members, and we recognize our success depends on your feedback and assistance.

Ten Reasons Why Constant Communication with Delta is Important

  1. Charting reactions to the protocols we use is KEY to achieving remedial outcomes
  2. Communicating consistently with Delta is essential to tracking your progress
  3. Having the Delta platform open at all times allows instant messages to circulate
  4. Following instructions as they change depending on reactions is imperative
  5. Having an open connection to the Delta team experts is like having a doctor at home
  6. The Back Office keeps information flowing. No phone calls to make – simple & fast
  7. This state-of-the-art Back Office was engineered to provide a faster turn around
  8. Quick responses to patient needs increase healing response times and builds hope
  9. Patient access to advice doesn’t wait for an appointment or return phone call
  10. A written question when written with detail avoids misunderstanding and vocal errors

Delta Client Back Office Tool

Our virtual Delta Client Back Office integrates front-office origination, records, comments, answers, and monitoring. It provides a personalized and private member-driven back-office that offers 24/7 access to everything a club member needs. It allows members to track their progress, graph reactions, communicate, contact affiliates, speak to a Delta expert, find answers to questions, share information in Delta Forum, watch instructional videos, and even study the latest and most helpful scientific developments.

Other benefits of this innovative Delta member management virtual tool includes:

  1. All your data is stored in one place with 24/7 member access.
  2. Forget something in the middle of the night? No problem! Just login!
  3. All changes are made in real time from both the front and back office.
  4. Can’t find it? Use our powerful search feature or customized reports!
  5. Answers are at your fingertips in the daily updated Q&A section.
  6. Location becomes a moot point. Access help 24/7 virtually!
  7. Your records, data, and crucial charts are backed up every day.
  8. Your records, data, and crucial charts are protected with the latest security technology.
  9. Unlimited megabytes provides you unlimited web-based space to keep your history.
  10. Easy to use – our Back Office developers know the meaning of user-friendly!

The data you input into the Delta Back Office Monitoring System together with your expert Delta team advisor’s knowledge and experience is the fuel the system needs to keep the machine running smooth. With your dedicated input, Delta will be better able to be by your side throughout your recovery.

Delta Member Support Forum

Sharing your experience in our Member Forum is a unique stress-reducer. Delta understands the lonely experience of chronic diseases. Our virtual community experience is one of the amazing “key” factors in our outstanding success stories. We have established a comfortable environment where encouraging ‘give and receive’ sharing and support between Delta Club Members can make a major difference in confidence, prior to recovery. Knowing others who are battling the same fight for restoration, really makes a difference!

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