Showing Gratitude

We don’t need to have happy news to heighten our appreciation. Looking at the big picture, what are you most appreciative about day to day? Ask people what they most appreciate and in their lives. People open up in the most wonderful ways when they appreciate what they have rather than complain. When we express our appreciation for our health, our spouse, our children and grandchildren, our home our neighbors, our friends our job, or nature, we’re not nonchalant.

Write a note, tell someone how much you value them. Thank them in words, spoken or written. when we recognize the magnitude of great souls, the delicate beauty of things that surround us – our consciousness rises.

Shifting Your Focus

Often times attaining a happier state is as simple as shifting our focus away from ourselves. We get so caught up in our day to day lives, sometimes we forget to notice that we actually live in a very beautiful world. When was the last time you watched the sunset or sunrise without worrying about errands or chores that needed to be completed? Often times calming the mind and appreciating the small things in life is the best way to live. The majority of our life is made up of small beautiful moments that are easy to ignore. If you aren’t appreciating the smaller moments, you are missing out on the majority of your life.

When is the last time you went on a hike or walk and focus on the little details most would miss? Memorize the open scent of nature. Notice the texture on the trees and the shapes of the clouds. Watch for animals and examine how they behave. Just becoming more aware of your surroundings brings happiness, appreciation, and peace of mind. Try it if you are in disbelief!

Mental Healing Leads to Physical Healing

Appreciating what we have in this life often leads to peace of mind and happiness. Positive emotions can be the strongest healing forces for any type of illness. We built a Delta Member Retreat in the beautiful Carribean for this very reason. It isn’t fake news, physical changes occur within the body depending on the mood you are in. You know that when you are stressed cortisol is released in the body. It is called the stress hormone for a reason and it does not induce healing – quite the opposite actually.

It may be hard at times, but appreciation can lead to positive emotions and in turn healing.

I appreciate you.