What are Neurodegenerative Disorders?

"Neurodegenerative disorder" is a term that covers a wide range of conditions affecting the neurons of the brain. When neurons die or become damaged, conditions such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease, and Alzheimer’s results. These diseases are considered incurable, debilitating, and progressive. It affects movement and mental functioning

Signs and Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Dysphoric mood
  • Apathy
  • Disinhibition
  • Euphoric mood
  • Cognitive disruption
  • Stiffness or muscle rigidity
  • Memory loss
  • Motor restriction
  • Many more physical and neurological issues

Each condition that falls under the umbrella of Neurodegenerative disorders has their own set of specific symptoms. The progressive damage done to the neurons result in the loss of nerve structure and damage. A small percent are caused by genetic mutations, however, the majority are caused by either a buildup of toxic proteins in the brain or a loss of mitochondrial function. The result is cell death and apoptosis.

BX Protocol™

At the core of Delta’s Theory of disease causation is identifying the exact mechanism of impairment associated with the illness. By focusing on the root cause, Delta’s research has consistently demonstrated that impaired mitochondrial functioning lies at the root of many chronic pathologies.

The Delta Institute has developed a comprehensive approach designed to treat this dysfunction which allows for a broad spectrum of diseases because the root cause of most disease lies in the mitochondria. Restoring mitochondrial health through the BX Protocol is key to health restoration. >/p>

How We Can Help

If you are looking for a treatment program for Neurodegenerative Disorders that treats more than just the symptoms, the BX Protocol is right for you. The Delta Institute is committed to assisting members on the path to health restoration and providing support in every way. Our experienced patient advocate will walk you through our unique approach and assist you with any information you need. Request your free consultation today!

Thank you for sending me the BX, and literally saving my life. ~ L.P.

Did you know?

Mitochondrial Blockage:

The job of normal functioning mitochondria is to produce and release energy in addition to managing excessive levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which could lead to disease and death. A recent study observed that patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome showed blockages in the mitochondria. Much like a clogged sink, these mitochondria were unable to deliver needed energy and remove dangerous toxins.