Firsthand Experience

The following opinion is from a Delta a healthcare professional who works with members directly and gets to see the benefits of our protocol on a daily basis. This post will hopefully clear up if the BX Protocol™ “works”.

“Does it Work?”

Yes, it works. It resolves mitochondrial impairment. To my knowledge, this cannot otherwise be accomplished. Dr. Smith’s little spray is a powerful, powerful treatment. There is to my knowledge no other method which will remove the deeply entrenched mitochondrial infections. There is no other method which will eradicate from inside the mitochondria, the toxins it is holding.

“Can you Prove it Works?”

Yes, it is proven to work. The mitochondrial output is scientifically measured by observable cell membrane behavior, by easily performed athletic breathing studies, and by a few different expensive blood tests. Before the BX, these measures were poor. After the BX, these measures were very good

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“Okay, great, but will it heal me?”

First, it will improve your mitochondria.

To understand how it may help you, you need to understand that you have mitochondria, and that if you have experienced chronic illness, they are not thriving. And you need to know what they are for.

Your mitochondria create the energy of the cell. No process in the body is possible without this energy of the cell. Given adequate energy of the cell, all bodily processes can function extremely well. Mitochondria are the key to health and longevity.

When certain infection bearing agents get through the defense of the immune system, the mitochondria can become infected with tiny bacteria, as small as viruses. These tiny infections rest inside the mitochondria, nesting there. Their presence is harmful to the mitochondria, reducing their creation of cellular energy. These minuscule infections are always present in chronic illness.

As I stated before, once these infections have reached the depths of the mitochondria, there is no known medicinal treatment which can remove them, except the BX Protocol.

You can consult with the inventor of The BX Protocol™, Dr. Smith, whose 22 years of experience administering the protocol make him an expert, whose success rate in permanently eradicating 95% of all symptoms of the diseases treated is 87%. Whose treatment is such an effective threat to so many illnesses that his company was targeted by an expensive, systematic, pharmaceutical takedown.

But these are just facts, numbers, and claims. Your question is really, will it heal? Will helping the mitochondria restore wellness? 
Once the infectious and toxic impairments are removed by the BX Protocol™, the freedom of the mitochondria from these infections and toxins means everything to the function of the body. Just as everything goes offline when the mitochondria cannot flourish, everything comes online again when the mitochondria can again flourish.Once the mitochondria are functioning again, the art of healing is in managing the new surplus of cellular energy. With its new abundance of cellular energy, the body naturally sets to work healing what has been damaged. If this is cancer, the lesion dramatically degrades. If this is Lyme disease, the body’s killing and removal of Lyme disease leads to the infamous Herxheimer reaction. In each of the 31 conditions successfully treated by the BX Protocol™, the individual with the condition will have individual needs to manage as they traverse the road to health restoration.This is how and why the BX Protocol™ works.

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