The BX Protocol™

Our treatment protocols are now supported by referring doctors in 18 countries. As the largest non-conventional program of our type, it is logical we are a target for medical suppression. Leiden University is funded by CEL (Centre of Education and Learning), a collaboration between the universities of Leiden, Delft, and Rotterdam. In 2015, Delta Institute became aware that several Ph.D. candidates from Leiden University in the Netherlands are performing dissertation research on the suppression of dissent techniques. We identified that the BX Protocol™ has been the primary target for this research project.

The Investigation

In 2016, our organization hired a Russian-based security firm to investigate the source of significant cyber-attacks against our organization. We now have documented proof regarding a well-orchestrated effort funded by two large pharmaceutical companies and initiated by a New York Media firm, specializing in disinformation campaigns. This effort involves direct attacks against 16 large “non-conventional organizations” similar to ours. The conspiracy against our protocol includes a vast network of forums, websites (such as RationalWiki), blogs, and physician and university groups, representing a formidable network of media resources designed to silence non-orthodox views and dissenting opinions that run contrary to the established views of conventional oncology.

Over the past year, the New York Media firm and Leiden University have supported cyber harassment with attacks against the BX Protocol™, its researchers, founders, staff, affiliates, members, and associates through the following means:

  • Deleting, modifying, misquoting, and fabricating information about the BX Protocol™, its founders, researchers, staff, affiliates, members, and associates.
  • Obstructing research with 3 separate universities.
  • Propagation of false rumors.
  • Posing as patients in forums, blogs, social media, or other internet venues.
  • Filing formal complaints with government agencies. Making frivolous complaints is one of their key tactics (McDermott et al., 2014).

Why Was the Delta Targeted?

The philosophical justification for this attack is that our protocol is “pseudo-science” and must be stopped for “the good of the public”. Yet, the organization has contacted three major universities performing studies on our methods and successfully impeded the studies in two of the three universities to suppress the very scientific data they claim we lack.
It is also important to understand that the BX Protocol™ is seen as a threat because:

  • Delta Institute is developing and manufacturing highly scientific technologies outside of conventional medicine.
  • Delta Institute is starting its own university to train doctors.
  • Delta Institute currently has doctor affiliates in 18 countries, of which no less than 30% are MD’s.
  • Delta Institute is building a medical city in the Carribean.
  • Delta Institute’s technologies and the BX Protocol™ are effective in treating chronic medical conditions because they target the root cause.
  • Delta Institute will not pursue drug classification, peer review, or adhere to the double-blind standard.

Delta Institute is aware of the identity of this organization heading the disinformation campaign as well as the people involved. We have evidence and documentation that shows that this effort involves attacks against many people within the integrative health field. The attacks are both tactical and strategic in nature.  Delta Institute can prove that the attacks were precipitated by two large pharmaceutical companies and we have identified at least one US Senator who appears to be the point of contact person for this disinformation campaign. We also know the hired media companies, universities, and individuals involved.

Discredit Campaigns

Delta Institute has confirmed that the attacks are specifically a suppression of dissent campaign that began against the anti-vaccination movement and has continued to spread from there. This is a well-funded campaign and as far as we can tell the BX Protocol™ is a primary target. We have learned that the Rational Wiki website along with many other Blogs, Forums etc., are all part of a worldwide organized network of media resources hired by the pharmaceutical industry to discredit the Integrative and or Alternative medical field. We continue to gather evidence and will share more as it becomes available.

It is important to understand that these individuals use any means necessary in their attempt to encourage us to cease operations. In 2016, one of our email systems was hacked and used to send death threats to Delta Institute board members. The cyber-terrorists demanded significant amounts of money be sent to members that died during, or after using the BX Protocol™. The indicated that failure to meet the deadline to send funds to these individuals would result in the penalty of death. While these statements turned out to be nothing more than idle threats, it is important to call out these behaviors to show just how sick these individuals are.

Delta Institute’s Transparency Promise

Delta Institute is committed to having open and honest discussions with any person who expresses interest in doing business with our organization. Open dialogue allows us to engage in discussions that allow all parties to utilize critical thinking skills. Critical thinking allows each individual the opportunity to seek out the necessary information required to make a decision based on facts, not rumors or disinformation. While we make efforts to provide external resources to support our position to help you on this quest, we encourage all interested parties to engage in independent research. Through this research, we are confident each person will identify the path to healing that is best for them.

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