Welcome to the Delta Institute International Limited – Health Restoration & Research Club where we understand that a chronic health condition will affect all aspects of life. Our primary objective is to assist club members with suboptimal health in replenishing and restoring their bodies to full health through cutting-edge advancements, access to resources, and effective and supportive treatments.

Our innovative approach to health restoration is key to reversing a failing body and return those suffering in lesser health to productive and happy lives. We are committed to making men and women whole again. The Delta Institute club model was recently described as “a staff-guided, proactively driven ‘self-treatment’ experience intended to empower each member.”

Founded in 2012, after over twenty years of privately funded research, Delta Institute defines itself as a private, membership-based health restorative research club. The purpose and objectives of the club are centered in a collaboration of minds where member and researcher unite in the higher purpose of optimal health. The BX Protocol™ is a combination of health restoration services and technologies, including:

  • The BX Energy Catalyst
  • Targeted Technologies
  • Supportive Technologies
  • On-Site Treatment Options
  • On-Site Diagnostics
  • Home Based Treatment Options
  • Web-Based Case Management Support and Education

The BX Protocol™ is tailored to the individual needs of the member. Some may require on-site treatment options at the Delta Wellness Retreat while others are able to achieve the full results from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Medical Culture

With the revolutionary Back Office Monitoring Center, your personalized health management documentation helps track and support each phase of your recovery and restoration process. As a member, you will gain control of your own health through the acquisition of knowledge, essential resources, and efficacy of treatment.

Certified Case Management

Our certified case managers are experts in the administration and management of the BX Protocol™. Our integrative approach is one where doctors, patients, and staff work toward a positive outcome.

24/7 Personalized Monitoring & Maintenance

In this fast-paced medical world, the Delta Institute stands alone in its desire and willingness to be your “Constant Co-Pilot” along your journey to recovery. This means we intend to be by your side every step of the way through constant monitoring and education.

Member Advocates

The alliance between member and club is central to achieving effective outcomes and transcends the traditional doctor-patient relationship. The club’s philosophy recognizes that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift from paternalism or “doctor knows best” to the idea that patients recognize the limitations of the prevailing medical systems and are in pursuit of alternate avenues for effective treatment of serious health related complexities.

Home Based Treatments

Our multidisciplinary approach is available in many areas of the world. With an elite team of proficient, compassionate and results-driven clinical affiliates, and medical and scientific experts from around the globe, we are able to offer local support and home programs in numerous locations.


Delta’s delivery model includes home-based treatments which allow for a self-administration protocol. With a heavy emphasis on empowering our patients, their families, and medical professionals through education, Delta’s members are able to manage their cases effectively by utilizing our high-end web based applications.

The Delta Health Restoration Diet

The Delta Institute has researched and designed a nutritional plan to support members while on the BX Protocol™. This plan lends itself to the overall nutrition of the member during the program. To maximize effectiveness of the BX Energy Catalyst™, members are urged to adhere to the guidelines.

Delta Member Forum

Member to Member Networking helps you discover a community during the course of your recovery. We understand how lonely the experience of a chronic disease can be and the forum allows members to share their journeys while reclaiming their health.

The foundation of Delta’s Health Restoration & Research Club is built upon the outcome-driven confidence of club members. The effectiveness of our methodologies infuses members with the determination and hope needed for complete health restoration.

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.