The cause of disease is a subject that has generated divided opinions for centuries. However, Delta Institute’s theory on causation asserts that many chronic pathologies originate from toxins in the body or microbes that block energy metabolism within the mitochondria of the cell. For a fuller understanding of this theory, watch the video below:
Mechanism of Impairment

With a broad view of the cause of disease, Delta has produced the nontoxic BX Energy Catalyst™ to provide corrective action at the root of the disease.

BX Energy Catalyst™

The BX Energy Catalyst™ was designed to correct dysfunctional energy metabolism at the root cause of impairment. It is an energized non-toxic biomolecule created from pure crystalline fructose ensuring safe and side-effect free treatment.

To better understand the BX Energy Catalyst™, watch the video below:
Mechanism of Action

Supportive Therapy

The BX Protocol™ incorporates a variety of supportive therapies and technologies. These alone do not have the potential to produce health restoration, but can optimize and support the BX Energy Catalyst in a complementary way. They include:

Photo Dynamic Therapy or PDT, uses natural, nontoxic, photosensitizing agents, like mineral solutions, which are exposed to a specific wavelength of light. This triggers the production of oxygen species within the cell.

Ultrasound Therapy uses mechanical vibrations at increasing frequencies, known as sound energy, to generate antimicrobial effects in localized tissues. Additional benefits include increasing cell wall permeability and increasing local circulation and oxygen delivery.

Nanoparticle Hyperthermia is a technology currently being developed by Delta’s Energy Lab™. It involves the high-frequency excitation of microorganism bound nanoparticles.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a non-invasive treatment designed to accelerate the release of cytochrome C, an apoptosis-inducing factor in malignant cell lines.

The Delta Diet is imperative to success with the BX Protocol. Dietary and Nutritional guidelines are an important supportive factor while undergoing health restoration. Following the Delta Diet will help provide support by maintaining alkalinity and immune responsiveness. Members following this diet will establish a biochemical terrain that facilitates an effective response to treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy greatly increases oxygen concentration in all body tissues, even with reduced or blocked blood flow. Since the availability of molecular oxygen is an important part of the success of the protocol, this treatment can provide the needed support. It also increases oxygen concentration in areas of poor circulation or interstitial pressure.

Activated Oxygen Therapy differs from hyperbaric Oxygen (O2) therapy because the molecules are energetically active demonstrating highly oxidative potential. These therapies include Ozone (O3), Hydrogen Peroxide (H202), and a variety of other unstable but beneficial super oxygen molecules.

Delta Energy Lab Technologies

The Delta Institute is continually researching and developing supportive therapies. The following therapies and technologies have been developed at Delta Energy Labs™ and are available exclusively at the Delta Member Retreat in the Caribbean:

Q3 Photonic Oscillator is designed to take advantage of the role of bio-photons in cellular metabolism. The Q3 stimulates photon uptake by cytochrome C, an important mitochondrial protein that plays a vital role in cellular oxidations. This increase in photon uptake results in increased energy production within the cell which aids in your health restoration journey.

Tesla Radio-Cellular Oscillator is technology based on the principle work of Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky. This technology is designed to increase the amplitude of oscillations originating from the genetic material of the cell. The amplified oscillations, generating a broad range of radio waves from extremely low frequency (ELF) through gigahertz ranges, produce an increased voltage potential that empowers the cell to repulse the competing oscillations of microorganisms and toxins. This unique technology is designed to increase the effectiveness of the BX Energy Catalyst.

Zero Point Vacuum Generators are quantum electrodynamic technologies that stimulate the “empty space” within a variety of atoms found in the human body. The force produced by this technology is generated by vacuum quantum effects that support cellular processes. The technology exerts a quantum mechanical force exerted on macro minerals and impacts ion motion of the mineral within body fluids. Macro minerals are important regulators of cellular function. The Zero Point Vacuum Generator is a sort of mineral supercharger that amplifies the ionization energy of minerals. Though sodium and potassium are the only two minerals studied thus far, research is underway to understand the impact of the generator on a variety of macro minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur.

Radio Frequency Oscillators pertain to the effect of radiofrequency on disease-causing microorganisms.

Super Radiance Stimulators are designed to produce coherent organizational patterns within water molecules. Water, as the primary medium of our cells, can organize themselves to receive and emit specific wave information pertaining to human health. This stimulator structures the water in human cells in order to enhance cellular communication. This is a process known as “super radiance”.

While the BX Protocol incorporates several supportive therapies depending on the needs of the individual, it is important to recognize that these technologies do not have the potential alone to restore health.

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Did you know?

Clues to Mitochondrial Dysfunction:

The following clues may indicate a core issue related to mitochondrial function: Decreased aerobic capacity. Decreased respiratory capacity or feeling “winded” more often with normal workouts. Decreased ability to recover after workouts. Decreased ability to recover from fatigue after rest. General pain or inflammation after working out. Regaining optimal mitochondrial function requires a science based approach. The BX Protocol is designed to restore core health and energy.