In 1989, while working on his undergraduate studies at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Dr. Smith, then a metallurgical assistant, was introduced to the work of three scientists that would alter the course of his life. Then, during the summer of 1991, he discovered several old texts discussing the history of science.

Dr. Smith discovered that his contemporaries had each independently validated the cause and cure of several diseases, including cancer, through the use of radio frequency, magnetic fields, and catalytic nanotechnology.

“What I began to realize was that most of the major scientific contributions over the past 100 years were made by people that I had never heard of: Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife, Virginia Livingston-Wheeler. There were many others that were doing absolutely amazing things, and their work could have resolved most of the medical dilemmas that face our world today.” ~ Dr. Dewayne Smith

The discoveries of these scientists, along with several others, would direct the course of Dr. Smith’s work over the next 30 years.

Dr. Smith focused on the role of microbes, particularly the stealth pathogen, as the causative agent of cancer. During this time it was discovered that this same organism was involved in many of the chronic pathologies, and played a primary role in impairing the cell’s energy producing capabilities.

“A handful of scientists had collectively cracked the code behind the root cause of most major diseases. At the time, they didn’t comprehend exactly what it was they had discovered. Today, we know it as mitochondrial dysfunction.” ~ Dr. Dewayne Smith

For more than two decades Dr. Smith and his team have successfully developed multiple technologies aimed at reversing the so called “irreversible,” while promoting complete and total health restoration.

In 2012, the Delta Institute International was founded as a private, membership-based health restorative research club. The purpose and objectives of the club are centered in a collaboration of minds where member and researcher unite in the higher purpose of optimal health with the eventual goal of complete health restoration for a wide variety of conditions.

The Delta Institute’s primary objective is to assist members in replenishing and restoring their bodies to full health via cutting-edge advancements, access to resources and effective treatments. Discover more information on how the Delta Institute can assist you in reclaiming your health by understanding what it is, how it works, what conditions we support, and where you can join.