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It is because of Delta, God’s guidance to find BX, and Dr. Smith’s research that I am healthy, happy and more than thrilled to be able to share the BX with others.

That’s great I love the BX Protocol. it is amazing how it has changed my life

I am very glad that I was directed to your institute. I am very glad I went to your clinic. Thank you for thinking outside of the box. I know it’s not easy

Thanks for your help in setting up our phone chat. Delta remains the most responsive and trustworthy of the alternative medical organizations I have contacted since my cancer journey began three years ago.

Much obliged,

I have been doing very good. 99% of the time, I am virtually pain free.

I had a meeting with Dr. Akerley at the Huntsman Cancer hospital to go over latest test results. Dr. Akerley stated; "Your tumors are the best behaved I have seen in thirty years of practice'. He went on the say; "your tumors have stopped growing and are dying off, which is unprecedented with stage 4 lung cancer". The doctor continues..."your hormones are perfectly balanced, your blood work is completely normal, and your body is now completely healthy".
Thanks Dr. Smith for the empowerment that you have provided in dealing with this!

Yesterday my family agreed that last year was the worst Thanksgiving we ever had. We all really thought I was dying and no one could give us any answers. Yesterday I went shopping for several hours and bought new Christmas lights and ornaments. We are celebrating this week. Even 3 months ago I could not have done that. Thank-you so much Delta for all that you are doing with the BX. Much gratitude for the Delta Institute!

"it was a night and day" difference. That she was up and around and making the kids cookies in the kitchen. A week or so ago, she was too weak to get out of bed. He is picking her up to go see his rental house. She feels that good!

I'm getting improvement in Thyroid function and lowering my Armour Thyroid from 90mg per day to 60 mg per day. I am also off Blood pressure meds for over 1 month and my BP has been great. other than these stubborn digestive issues, I'm making improvements in other areas.

I received a good health report. My small tumor was static, no vascularity leading to it, and no sign of the spread of the illness anywhere. I know it is all a result of the BX, the good diet, the detox, and the supplements. Thank you for all the personal care and good direction that I have received from all of you at Delta. I am sincerely grateful.

My body temperature is normal for the first time in sixteen years. Also I have lost 45 pounds and my blood pressure is no long high. My doctor and I are amazed. Every month I get better and better and everyone is wondering what I'm doing. I look and feel like a whole different person. (The Delta Institute gives people back their lives) what's more rewarding then that. Thanks for your help on my case its greatly appreciated.


For me, the BX is a hope that I can get fully better. It gives me hope that maybe I can run again some day. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the BX.


I started on the BX about a year ago and since then, I never thought I’d be where I’m at. I started a woman’s apparel business.


If you told me a year ago that I would be at this level, I wouldn’t have believed you at all. I was in so much pain I could barely walk.


I think one of the neat things about BX is that I can feel it still working on the place of impairment.


I am able to go and do things with my family and participate in life the way I want to participate.


I am able to go back to work. I’m able to help my husband around the house. I think the biggest thing is that I’m able to have quality of life!


My energy level changed dramatically. I can work out in the yard. I can stay up at night and not be totally exhausted every night.


The BX Protocol has truly been amazing. I had Lupus for 7 years and all that western medicine could provide was controlling my symptoms. I was taking medication that was making me sicker in the long run. The BX Protocol has really changed my life. I have no pain on a day to day basis.


I am now able to do much more than I was ever able to do! My quality of life has improved a thousand fold.


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