Initial Examination

Prior to beginning the BX Protocol, patients will be assessed under one of the following conditions:  

Diagnostic examination (on-site)

On-site patients visiting one of our clinical affiliates will undergo a vigorous review to include the following:

1.  Medical history analysis
2.  Diagnostic assessment (physical)
3.  Interdisciplinary team review (on-site and at-home staff involvement)
4.  Protocol design and implementation
5.  Wellness profile (CBC, Urinalysis, Crenation study, Imaging)
6.  BX Detox prep assessment and implementation
7.  Physical examination
8.  Physical and virtual case management

The primary benefits of the on-site clinical model is centered on comprehensive medical oversight and mobilization of real time clinical evaluation prior to entry into the home based model.

Diagnostic evaluation (at-home)

At-home patients also undergo review but the model is oriented to proactive empowerment of the patient and their families under a self treatment design.  It includes the following:

1.  Medical history analysis
2.  Diagnostic assessment (captured from medical review)
3.  Interdisciplinary team review
4.  Protocol design and implementation
5.  Blood work recommendations
6.  BX Detox prep education
7.  Virtual case management