D. Smith, Ph.D

D. Smith serves as Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Delta Institute. Dr. Smith’s expertise stems from studies surrounding the pleomorphic nature of the stealth bacteria, their life cycles, and a variety of strategies intended to address associated disease conditions. Dr. Smith is the pioneer of the BX Protocol, and subscribes to the use of photochemical catalysts designed to modify the toxic secretions of filterable forms.

Dr. Smith has served as the head of medical research for the Sovereign Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, OSJ.,. Knight of Malta, the Vice Chairman for Lab-5 Trust, and Chairman of the Omega Academy. He has also served on the Board of Directors for British Holding S.A., and Fargo Trust International. 

Dr. Smith  has spent over 18 years developing a high throughput screening method resulting in the isolation of a small class of nano chemicals that devitalize the stealth bacterium through resonant harmonics and manipulation of its intermediates and the oxidative pathways it exploits.  Dr. Smith works out of Delta's international offices located in Panama City.

E-mail: contact@bxprotocol.com